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Dr Revis Bio

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Scientific & Technical Resources, Inc.; President & Scientist
Oak Ridge Realty Holdings, Inc.;  President

702 S. Illinois Avenue, B103
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Phone:  (865) 481-6088
FAX:  (865) 481-6057
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


University of Glasgow, Scotland  Ph.D.          1972 Biochemistry

Fairleigh Dickinson University  B. Sc.           1962       Chemistry
Rutherford, New Jersey


Director and Senior Scientist     1994-Present
Scientific & Technical Resources, Inc.
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

President, Oak Ridge Realty Holdings, Inc.    1981-Present
Oak Ridge, Tennessee      

Scientist, Department of Biomedical Sciences  1975-1981
The University of Tennessee and
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 

Assistant Professor, University of Glasgow   1972-1975
Dept. of Cardiology, Glasgow, Scotland


2008 – Present  Chairmen Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee

2005 – 2006  Chairman, East Tennessee Economic Development Council

2003 – Present  Member, Governor Bredesen’s Tennessee Business Development 
Technical Transfer Committee

2003 – Present  Member, Governor Bredesen’s Business Round Table

2001 – 2004  Board Member, Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce

2000 – 2003  Board Member, Nine Counties—One Vision

2000 – 2003  Board Member, Knoxville Chamber of Commerce

1998 – Present  Board and Executive Member, Community Reuse Organization of
East Tennessee  (CROET)

1997 – Present  Board Member, East Tennessee Economic Council

1986 – Present  Member, Oak Ridge Rotary Club

1987 – 1994  Board Member, Methodist Medical Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

1978 – 1983  Coordinator, NIH Summer Hypertensive Training Program
Program for Minorities from HBCU’s

1979 – 1981  Lecturer, Talladega College, National Science Foundation
Visiting Scientist Program

1978 – 1985  Member of Health Brain Trust, Black Congressional Caucus


Small Business Administration:  Administration Award of Excellence for 1985, 1992, 1995, and 2001

Fogarty Award, National Institute of Health, 1980

Carnegie Research Fellow Award for Graduate Studies, University of Glasgow, Scotland, 1969


1) Reduction of Trace elements to the Elemental Form by Microorganisms (1987)

2) Bioaccumulation of Radioactive Strontium and Yttrium by Sporulating Bacteria (1988)

3) Conversion of Inorganic Ions to Metal Sulfides by Microorganisms (1988)

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Note:  This list includes selected publications only.  I have published an additional 58 manuscripts and 55 abstracts.